Typographic Inspiration

Happy Friday y'all. In honor of it being Friday, whether it's the end of your work week or not - I wanted to take a quick moment to share this week's new tattly tuesday removable tattoo. Now is that the perfect inspirational reminder or what? This particular tattly is one of the newest editions to their typographic collection.

Here are a few others that are new and equally enjoyable (and that I can't seem to get enough of!):

So true.
Which is why we should all strive
to make every waking hour a happy hour.
Isn't it ironic? Don't ya think?
What I strive to achieve each and every day.
What about you?


Speaking of Fall...

Fall is here folks. And you know what that means. Pumpkin flavored everything imaginable, the leaves changing colors and crunching under your feet, and the quintessential "drink everything out of a mug" weather. Not to mention, the perfect season for pie. And speaking of pie... here's an interesting little article I came across ... guess who illustrated this pie crust cookbook drawing (among others)? Click here to find out.

And while this isn't pie - not too long ago, I made "Baked" NYC bakery's Sunday Night cake (from their second book) for my threadcakes entry. Let me just say, I wish Sunday rolled around more than once a week.

Speaking of Baked, I recently discovered their instagram profile - and it's the bomb dot com! Along with this post they shared on their blog for these halloween horror themed cake pops.

And speaking of halloween, I just had to share this video from Eater Chicago about Lula Cafe's halloween costume... they just keep getting better, don't they?

the VIOLENT HOUR from Lula Cafe on Vimeo.

And speaking of drinks and cocktails - this time of year my intake of latte's seems to shoot through the roof. (And who can blame me with clever latte art like this one below?!) I also like to convince myself that as long as I have a warm drink in my hand - who needs gloves? Save the gloves for winter.

In other news, I recently applied to officially become an operating Cottage Food business. So perhaps, next time this fall you'll see me braving the fall chill at local farmers markets...! Get excited. Here's a sneak peek at the product tags I made as well as a preview of what I might be making!

What are you looking forward to most this fall?