Do Dose!

Today, I went to the Dose Market (Food & Fashion - dozens of products exclusive to us.) in the River East Arts Center Building on Illinois.  It is a year round market held once a month featuring an elite selection of vendors in food and fashion.

First off, let me just say, what a great space to hold a market like this in.  Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the bike ride there, but the building itself is quite a lot to take in, with lots of wall to ceiling windows filled with art gallery space.  Downstairs, is an atrium where the Dose Market struggles to contain itself and its patrons within the walls.

Part of the immense crowd was a snakey line of people waiting to get a complimentary cocktail made personally by Grant Achatz himself.  Full disclosure - I.was.one.of.those.people!  The line was more intimidating than it looked and moved - well, not fast, but certainly not as slow as I expected.  Made with Chandon and strawberries from fellow market vendor, Seedling Fruit, this was one drink ticket you didn't want to miss out on.  And it was a special concoction, just for the market, not to be found at his new cocktail bar, Aviary.  Grant and his team always remind me of mad scientists.  And watching him in action today was no exception.

Wandering the market with my luxurious drink in hand, I came across many of my favorite food purveyors - Fritz Pastry, Hoosier Mama Pie Co, Rare Bird Preserves - and some I wasn't as familiar with, but look forward to learning more about - Black Dog Gelato, By M Desserts (which I recognized from watching Top Chef Just Desserts - owned by contestant Malika Ameen of Chicago), Whimsical Candy, and Crop to Cup to name just a few.

Being surrounded my so many people who are so passionate about what they do (whether for the art of food or the art of fashion) was truly inspiring.  It made me want to go home and start applying for loans to start a business - any business - just to be able to continue to be in the company of all these wonderful vendors.  They are a group of people who are truly dedicated to their art.  Sure it's nice to make money, but its even nicer to make a new friend in a potential customer by showing them a product or service that you have to offer that will truly make them smile.  Maybe I'm wrong, but it really felt like that was a lot of what the Dose Market was about. (I think Penny would agree with me.)

“A beautiful setting full of happy people” – Penny Pollack, Dining Editor, Chicago Magazine

So, be sure to get your fix of Dose next month.  The next Dose Market will be on August 14th.  I highly recommend you go - so highly recommend it, that I'll pay for your ticket.  If you write a comment to this post, you will be entered into a drawing for a free ticket to the Aug 14th Dose.

So seriously, do dose.  You'll be glad you did.