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Let's talk coffee folks. Chicago is not only one of the most caffeinated cities in the country, but it is also home to some amazing local brewers. A father and son team at Metropolis, coffee for those who enjoy their coffee mad scientist lab style at Intelligentsia. But last week, I was introduced to my new favorite brew house that also calls the CHI it's home, Star Lounge Coffee Bar, also known as the retail venue downstairs from Dark Matter Brewing.

Now, I like coffee, but I try not to drink it every day, for a few reasons, but namely because I like it so much, and I want it to stay a special "treat" per say for my palette. If I drank it everyday, I always fear it would become, well, too normal; too routine. Coffee is routine for many folks. Wake up, turn on the coffee, and not considered functional until at least 2 cups have been imbibed. For me, if I don't make coffee my routine, it's even more of a refreshing surprise every time I can enjoy it.

Anyways, Star Lounge was the perfect place to throw my coffee taste buds a little party. (Namely my indulgence in their peaberry roast - a peaberry essentially being a coffee bean, or fruit rather, that has developed two bean halves that share the same coffee cherry. Due to the physical differences from a flat, single bean, roasting these delicacies creates a highly reputed and uniquely bodied brew that I will definitely be back for.) Focusing on small batch roasts and sourcing only from local community businesses and farmers, Dark Matter is on to something if you ask me. The movement for local, sustainable businesses has been steadily growing in this city, which makes me very proud to be a Chicagoan. We can always do more, but it's learning about and experiencing places like this, that give me the hope that we're headed in the right direction.

While this post isn't much on content (I know I've been slacking these days dear reader, forgive me), it makes up for it in the quality. Trust me, this is a movement and a place you need to know about, and (hopefully) will be on board with as well. Hopping on the local bandwagon will help us ensure a better world for the future. For our children's children. And all that mushy gushy stuff. But seriously, want to make a difference? Start small. Start local.

What are some of your favorite local businesses in your neck of the woods that you think need to be known...?! Leave some in the comments!

Stay sweet my friends.

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