Why Hello There

It's been ages, I know. I'm still grasping at straws to find time for myself these days, however, I have been able to sneak a few foodie and crafty time outs in here and there. To give you a peak at what I've been up to, I thought I'd put on my photo journalism hat and show you some visual proof that I haven't disappeared completely. Enjoy!

In no particular order...

 Easter Lamb cake from work.
 I wish I had a dog...! Me and Beast.
 Black and white cookies.
 Asparagus tart.
 Good morning spring!
 Special delivery to the John Hancock!
 Bread & Cheese plate at Rootstock.
 These cookies are the bomb.dot.com. And I'm not even a "Who" follower.
 Homemade whole wheat gnocchi.
 Grilled tomatoes & asparagus.
 Handmade paper flower bouquet.
 Homemade brioche.
 Quick trip to Louisville.
 Brioche roll filled with pastry cream and chocolate!
 Sun-draped scene in downtown Louisville, KY.
 Old architecture in Louisville.
There's a heart in my coffee...! How'd that get there?

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