This should be an epically long post about all the sweet occurrences and random learnings since October. But, dear reader (yes you are picking up the right warning signs - I am preparing you for disappointment upfront), it isn't.

You see, while we have much to catch up on, I have to postpone our catch up sesh just a little longer. I know. Patience. It really is a flipping virtue, ain't it?

This delay is due to the fact that I will be otherwise detained for a couple of weeks in.... (Dun da na naaaa) .... HAWAII! While I wish you all could be in paradise with me, you can't. But in the meantime, know that y'all have A LOT comin at ya upon my return. Trust me - so much so that you'll be wishing I left things short and super sweet like this more often. Thanks for sticking with me (or "Mahalo" rather), especially through these more sporadic months of late. And stay tuned for a super long update.

Hope you're all surviving the onslaught of "flumagedon" and the impending (or maybe not) "breaking of the resolutions". And if not, remember - just keep swimming! - and 2013 will prove to treat you well, I promise.


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