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I've been doing a lot of online research lately on all things food/nutrition, and have been coming across a lot insightful youtube videos. The internet is a fascinating (and sometimes dangerous time suck) thing. Videos like the one I'm going to share with you tend to take the "scare tactic" approach, but I still thought I was worth sharing. There are so many problems with the "big food" system that contributed to my decision to go plant strong. Staying away from dairy was something I never thought I'd do, but knowing the eco benefits of choosing plant versus animal/animal byproduct helped push me over the edge. It became just another reason why I was certain going plant strong was the right choice for me. Sure I have days where I "cheat" and rely a little too heavily on substitutes (soy cheese, meat alternatives, etc) or carbs, but I still feel better as a whole about the things I am choosing to put into my body. And thus, why I am sharing this video with you. Hopefully you haven't seen it. And if you have, it might serve as a good reminder to continue to be more conscious about what you choose to put into your body on a day to day basis.

One other thing I wanted to share, was this op-ed article about food nutrition in schools (see link below). I posted it on twitter and my facebook page as well, however in case you missed it, I thought it was worth sharing again. If the children are the future, isn't it obvious that we need to invest in the health and wellness of our futures? I think so... hopefully you can agree on the importance of this issue.

Just some added food for thought for your Monday. (As if you needed anything else on your plate, it is Monday after all... But just in case you are feeling uber ambitious this week, take a biiiiig bite!)

Huffington Post : Ending Food Ignorance, Education is too Important to Leave to Big Food

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