Springing Forward in 2014

Hopefully your new year is off to a "sweet" and "smashing" start. 2014 has brought lots of exciting news and developments in the world of Smashed Muffin, so I decided to briefly bring y'all up to speed on a few of them...! Here goes:

-We got a new helper. (Ok, not really. But she looks so good in aprons, I couldn't help it.) Meet Kicha Lorraine, the newest addition to the Smashed Muffin clan. While she doesn't do much in the way of kitchen work, she is another one of our much appreciated cheerleaders and makes for a pretty adorable mascot to boot. I mean, when you look this good in red gingham aprons... :)

-In other dog related news, Papa smash had a big birthday this month. How did he celebrate? With a cake by yours truly of course. Here he is showing it off (below).

He specifically requested that it look like his early birthday present - his new puppy Sprinkles. (Appropriate name, don't you think?) Sprinkles has joined Kicha in becoming another top cheerleader and cutie pie mascot. Where would we be without these joys? A special thanks goes out to OTAT - the shelter where both pups were rescued from. We've been fans for years and now finally got the opportunity to show our support by taking home a companion (or two) to love.

-We had a very exciting custom order last month - a wedding cake! Ross and Sarah found out about me by visiting and picking up my card at the markets last summer. I was lucky enough to be asked to do their gluten free wedding cake, complete with bride and groom robot toppers. (The bot's were my favorite.) Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for letting Smashed Muffin be a part of the celebration! (And a shout out to mama and papa Smash for helping out with the delivery.)

-Plant Based Nutrition Certification - Check! I recently finished coursework to complete my certification in Plant Based Nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in partnership with Cornell. I learned a TON and kind of wish it wasn't over. But the extra time will be needed and appreciated as we gear up for the farmers market season! And the extra knowledge certainly doesn't hurt either!

-Speaking of Nutrition and Health, I am flattered and honored to announce that I will be attending the 2014 Hunger Summit in Springfield, IL next month through the Illinois Commission to End Hunger. As a 2014 Hunger Study Volunteer, I was extended an invitation and I'm excited to learn more and interact with some of the people involved with food advocacy and education in our state. Thrilled at the opportunity to get some insight into how we can work towards a better food system - straight from the capital!

-Last but not least, we wanted to let everyone know that we are hoping to have our "official" farmers market schedule soon. (In the meantime we are, as always, available to you for any custom order needs!) Please stay posted - and check the farmers market tab on the website for updates! We also have a few fun events in the 'burbs and in the big city that are in the works - so stay tuned for those too!  Wahooooo.

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