That Is No Small Thing

This post isn't necessarily directly food related (unless you count the multiple references to "pancake breakfasts", which, by the way, I LOVE PANCAKES.  And endless amounts of pancakes at a community breakfast sounds even better).  
**See the end of the post for the easiest, simplest, best-est pancake recipe ever.  I make it ALL THE TIME, it's so easy.  Compliments of who else, but the Food Revolutionist himself, Jamie Oliver.

Today I watched a movie called "Danny Deckchair".  It's about a blue collar cement guy, Danny, living in Sydney with his girlfriend who is on the real estate fast track.  They kinda start to fall apart when the girlfriend cancels their yearly holiday due to her chance to schmooze a big shot news anchor, and lying about it.  So, Danny, being the quirky goof that he is decides to get a boat load of party balloons, tie them to a deckchair, and see if he can take off.  (According to IMDB, this is inspired by a true story of a man, Larry Walters, who flew from San Pedro, California to Los Angeles International Airport in a lawn chair rigged with 42 weather balloons on July 2, 1982.)  You guessed it, he succeeds, and takes off on a journey to a place that is the polar opposite of his urban life in Sydney.  And it just so happens, that he is a much different, much more content and happier person who kind of "falls into himself" in this calmer, more accepting of his goofiness, environment.  

There aren't any yellow brick roads, but Danny's yellow "Phil Stubs Car City" balloons do take him on a journey to realizing the person he is supposed to be.  I found it inspiring because in a sense, aren't we all on that journey?  And of course, wouldn't it be nice if we all "fell" into the right path as easily as the wind picked up Danny in his airborne deckchair?  I'll admit it.  There are some days where I wish I could adhere a bunch of balloons to my apartment building and just see where the wind takes me.  It's a slightly childish idea, but we all have to indulge in the illusions that help up cope with the hum-drum of the day to day.  And sometimes it's these small, slightly silly ideas that lead us to something bigger.

Anyways, I thought it was a great story, worth a watch, and a perfect way to bring some sunshine into your life on an otherwise dreary overcast day.

Jamie Oliver's One-Cup Pancakes
It doesn't have to be a "1 cup" measuring cup, it could be your favorite coffee mug.  Just make sure you use the same cup for the flour that you use for the milk and your pancakes are a GO!
25G BUTTER (~ 1/8 cup)
Crack the egg into a large mixing bowl. Add your flour, milk & a pinch of salt. Whisk everything together until you've got a smooth batter. Heat your fry pan on medium heat and add half the butter. When the butter has melted, use a ladle to spoon the batter into the pan. Cook for 1-2 minutes and use a spatula to turn them over when they start to brown on the bottom and get little bubbles on top.  
Presto change-o... delicious pancakes in a snap!
Syrup alternative topping suggestion: cottage cheese and fresh sliced mango.

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