You Say You Want a Revolution

Tonight after work, I treated myself to watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, Season 2. LA Baby.  And yes, I watched all three episodes in one sitting.  Don't judge.  It's worth it, trust me.  (Episodes available here on Hulu.)

If you haven't watched already, I hope you'll feel, once you do start watching, that the cause he is campaigning for is vital.  It's pretty similar to my last post really when you think about it.  (Seem to be on quite the activist roll lately, aren't I?)  We survive on this planet, regardless of your evolutionary or personal beliefs, primarily because the planet provides us with the sustainability (via plants, crops, etc) to nourish ourselves.  Yet all too many households will still buy the cheap processed foods that you can't even picture how they were made much pronounce most of the ingredients on the package, over something where you know how it was grown and where it came from.  It's unfair that what is good for you - local food made with fresh, wholesome ingredients, will typically cost you more money.  But it's kind of like this.  If you make smarter choices and eat fresh more often, the odds will more than likely be with you as you are more than likely to be a healthier person. Isn't your life worth pinching pennies and spending a little extra to cook yourself better food?  (That's another key right there - cook for yourself people.  It's really quite simple.  If you don't believe me, read some of the recipes in Jamie's Food Revolution cook book.  They're mind-blowingly simple. And if you're going to eat out, don't let someone else (i.e. a restaurant/especially a fast food restaurant) cook for you unless they know where their ingredients are coming from).

Now, I'm not claiming that everything in my home kitchen is 100% healthy.  But, as I learned when I took my sanitation certification, we all take shortcuts.  Complete disclosure.  However, the thing is, if you're gonna take 'em, at least take smarter ones. If you are going to buy processed food/brands because money is tight and you need what's cheaper, at least buy product that you know what all the ingredients are on the label, or at the very least, can pronounce them all.

I mean - I'll admit it.  I realize that most of my posts are about sweets, which get a bad rap because they're not necessarily notorious with being good for you.  And, of course, I could be better about some of the ingredients I use (i.e. using Cool Whip in the peanut butter pie when I could've made home made whipping cream with a little extra effort and a helluva lot less sugar), but for the most part, I know where the ingredients I'm using have come from.

Anyway, getting off my soap box for now.  But this show made me realize that this is why I am interested in food, and yes, desserts, and the industry.  This campaign is so inspiring, I can't even fully express it.  Use quality ingredients, or at the very very least, KNOW what ingredients you're using and where they come from, and your food and/or sweets will taste better, guaranteed.  And heck, it'll more than likely be better for you. If that's not a bonus, I'm not sure what is.

So, will you join me?  Will you join Jamie?  Hopefully one of us has enough clout to make a difference to you, haha.  At the very very least, please please go here to sign Jamie's petition and learn about what you can do - in your community or even in your personal life, to live the food revolution.

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