Things We're Crushin' On This Week

Just thought I'd share some of the sweet and savory food for thought I came across this week - thought you might like to "chew" on it.




Katie Smash

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From one of my fav publications : Lucky Peach
  • Eat Shit, Vegans Ok. I know. The title might turn you off. But, please. Hear it out. It might make you go errp, huh, nuh, ohhh - but it's definitely an interesting read. If you're living the plant life, you're most likely familiar with vitamin B12 deficiency to begin with. Can't hurt to learn some more.
  • Juice it up What are your thoughts on juicing? Do you juice? Do you smoothie? 
The latest plantified genius recipe from a blog-a-log I simply adore [Minimalist Baker] :
LOVE this from NPR :
I saw this movie this week...
  • White God ... and I kinda loved it. I might ruffle some feathers saying that, but I did. I think it was so relevant. It made me think a lot about how we are as humans to each other. And while parts were gruesome to watch, some of the things that have transpired in our history - are, well gruesome. Not only was it figuratively successful, but it was shot beautifully too. I want to watch the opening scene over and over. Imagine, over 200 dogs, stampeding through the deserted streets of Budapest...
What are you crushin' on this week? Share the love. Spread it around with us. Let's learn from each other!

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