Jeni's Ice Cream is Splendid

This weekend I took a trip to visit a friend in Kentucky. While there, we decided to take a quick day-trip into Nashville, TN. We got some quality walking time in at the Vanderbilt campus, did some shopping in Hillsboro Village (including some gems: Pangaea and the Nashville Clothing XChange), and even ate at restaurant called Jackson's where I splurged on a Pimento Cheese Panini. However, the highlight of this day trip for me, by far, was that we took a jut over to East Nashville to visit Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.
(*Note: watch the video on the website. Yes, that's an order. After watching, you might begin to understand why we took a day trip almost entirely to go to an ice cream shop. It's addicting-ly cute and creative, making the product look all the more appealing. And the song is catchy too. I've watched it at least 20 times. I'd like to see you resist. See. Told you. Addicting.)

Some of the varieties we indulged on were the (mostly seasonal) flavors of Goat Cheese with Red Cherries (tasted like a cool cherry cheesecake), Rockmill Golden Ale & Apricots (basically a beer ice cream with fresh apricots mixed in), Salty Caramel (salty and just the right amount of bitter), and Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate (rich but not overwhelming). To boot, most of the ingredients used to make these splendid ice creams is sourced from local farmers markets. 

Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

Not only were the flavors fresh and delicious, but the decor was also very cute and organic. Flavors are listed on large chalkboards covering the wall behind the counter. 

And the tables showcased fresh picked flowers in Ball jars. I even saw a note by the register saying thank you to a neighbor who actually donated the flowers in the store from his home garden. Love!

If you ask me, Jeni's really is quite splendid. They have store locations in Ohio and Tennessee, however there's a chance Jeni's is sold at a retailer near you. Just incase you're jonesin' for a "splendid" fix. 
(Here in the city you can find Jeni's at some of my favorite places: Olivia's Market, The Goddess and Grocer, and Southport Grocery & Cafe to name a few.) 

Here's to hoping Jeni's will someday expand it's store locations to include the great state of Ill-i-noise!

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