Would You Like That, On A Stick?

With all of the Lolla festivities going on this weekend, I got to thinking... if Graham Elliot, the food purveyor of the Chow Town foodie tents a the fest can push Lobster Corn Dogs at his Grahamwich tent, what's left that you can't eat on a stick these days? Especially in the world of sweets...

This weekend, I happened to made some ever so cute Bakerella inspired Cake Pops, so there's cake on a stick.

I've also come across macaron pops, so there's your cookie on a stick.

There's also pop tarts on a stick. Which is kinda like pie on a stick. Yes, pie. Ok, fine, pie lollipops if you want to be all cute about it.

I also recently found out that a new "trend" is to make "push pop" cupcakes. Yes, really. This one really took me aback. If I'm going to eat a push-pop, I'll eat a push pop thank you very much. And if I want a cupcake, I'll eat a cupcake. No need to combine the two. But that's just my opinion.

Whatever the reason for this "sweets on a stick" craze, I'll be interested to see what "pops" up next.

In the meantime, to satisfy your cravings for all things on a stick, here's a blog dedicated to Stuff on a Stick ... both sweet and savory.

What's your favorite thing to eat on a stick?

1 comment:

  1. I say skip the stick and just enjoy the cookie, cake, pie or tart.