A Slice of Royal Pie and Then Some

As of late, you might have noticed, my blogging has suffered. If it makes you feel any better, my food writing has suffered too. While I struggle to achieve balance in an ever demanding life, I am attempting to change that and fight my work life from taking over. In doing so, I've been scouring the world wide web for new sources of inspiration. I didn't have to look far.

Have you ever heard of Pleasant House? I read about PH in a feature in Chicago Mag, and then noticed them pop up at a recent trip to Dose Market. And then I stumbled across this video on Gapers Block while attempting to catch up on happenings at the Chicago Food Film Fest, and let me tell you. As if I wasn't dying to go before, now I really really want to take a trip to Bridgeport. Seriously. All I want for Christmas is for someone to take me to Pleasant House so I can eat one of their kale & mushroom royal pies. Go ahead. Take a look. And tell me you don't want to hop on your bike and go right now.
(***If the video doesn't load below, click on the link for "Farm to Barstool" and it should load in another window.)

Farm To Barstool from Michael Gebert on Vimeo.

So since I watched one, I decided I might as well watch them all...
Next up was a very charming video for The Doughnut Vault. Now I see donuts being made at work every day. And sure, they look quite tempting and the process is pretty amazing. But this just took it to a whole new level. Who cares about taste. They make it look like magic. Magic I tell you. Don't you want to camp out overnight with me just to be first in line? Please? And when we get there, maybe they'll even let us use the stamp ourselves to put the logo on the bag. Cuz that would just make my day. PS - Would it be weird to ask for a sheeter for my birthday? Ok, it would. But here's to dreaming...

The Doughnut Vault from Mode Project on Vimeo.

Lastly, I leave you with an inspirational caffeine jolt. Now, mind you, I'm not the world's biggest fan of Intelligenstia. I like the idea and their coffee is pretty gosh darn good, however, sometimes they take it to such a level that it becomes inaccessible for me. I love that their baristas are coffee nerds turned mad scientists, but sometimes it seems just a bit too much. Maybe I just don't know enough about coffee. Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed the artistry of this video. And plus, what goes better with a doughnut than a cup 'o joe. (Ok, first off it's espresso, not coffee. And second off, they'd NEVER call it that, but come on. Have a sense of humor already.)

Espresso, Intelligentsia from The D4D on Vimeo.

Now I ask you, dear reader. What were you inspired by today?

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