Clouds In My Coffee and Holes In My Tights

Ok, first let me give you an update on the pickled veggies.  (Drumroll please)
They came out delish!  So tasty that I almost ate all of them in one sitting... way to get a girl to eat her daily dose of veggies!  I even had saved an old pickle jar, which turned out to be the perfect storage!

 Mmm, veggies!

Now, moving on (since I'm sure your sick of hearing about pickled veggies by now), I wanted to share a resourceful trick I learned recently to upcycle a clothing item that can often go to waste.  Earlier this week I found myself having to dress up for an interview.  When I got dressed, I realized the stockings I had put on had more started to resemble a likeness to swiss cheese due to the number of holes that popped up in them.  Not wanting to throw them out, I sifted through my "crafts to do" list and found this post from Obstinate Pursuit.  You can make a spring scarf relatively simply (although it takes some patience) using old tights!  You just cut off the wait/feet and cut the tights into strips.  When you pull the strip the sides will curl into each other.  You then tie the ends of the strips into knots, gather up as many strips as you fancy for a scarf, and cover up the knots with some of the extra bits you cut off.  Seeing as I had more than just this pair of hole-y tights in my dresser drawer, I set to work.

Holey Moley!

Since seeing this post, I became overly excited and have gone on a tights buying rampage (but who can blame me when they were only 5 bucks a pop at urban this week?! - I bought 6 more pairs today! Don't judge-I wanted reinforcements to make more scarves!  What can I say, I was inspired).  The pics/instructions on OP are a lot more detailed than I'm going to be, but you get the idea.  Here's what my very first attempt came out to look like.  

Not bad for a first try...!

I can't wait to make more and add them to my ETSY store!  Speaking of, if you haven't checked out my ETSY store, take a gander.  I just opened it a few weeks ago and I'm still working on building inventory, but it's a start!  Feedback welcome and wanted!

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