DIY Mom's Day Gift Guide: Beverage Edition

Here are a few suggestions for dear mom that will keep her quenched!

1. Make Your Own Instant Chai Tea Mix
Did I mention that my mom likes tea?  And has her own personal stash of it in my apartment for when she visits? Anyways, perhaps it's just my mom, but I have a feeling a good percentage of mom's like tea.  Especially instant tea.  It quick and easy - and that fact that it was made by you will mean a lot.  This recipe from Tasty Kitchen (via my favorite blogger of all time, Pioneer Woman) may seem intimidating due to the long list of ingredients, but believe me, it will be worth it!  You're mom will be saying "Thanks a latte!" when you give her this gift.  (I know, I know, terrible joke. But I just couldn't resist.)

2. Fresh Squeezed Watermelon Lemonade
This drink has refreshing written all over it!  The recipe, from another of my favs (who I've mentioned a lot already), Smitten Kitchen, comes complete with variations so you can make the drink into a spritzer and/or an alcoholic beverage, if mom so pleases.  It's always good to know you have options, my mother always says.

Don't go anywhere!  DIY Mom's day gift guide: Crafter Edition, coming right up!

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