DIY Mother's Day Gift Guide: Crafter Edition

***I'm re-publishing this post because I was finally able to upload a visual for the cupcake luffas.  (The picture uploader wasn't working for me last week for some reason).  

For those of you who want to give Mom something non-food related that you made with your own two hands, here are my suggestions for craft items made just for her.

1. Cupcake Luffas
Show mom she deserves to pamper herself everyday with a simple and sweet cupcake luffa.  Got a silicone cupcake liner lying around? What about an extra luffa?  Then you're all set! Voila!
(I have a picture, but it's not letting me upload at the moment... I'll try again later.)

2. Cupcake Pincushion
I came across this idea while flipping through Jodi Kahn's book Simply Sublime Gifts on a recent shopping trip to Joann Fabric.  Similar to the above but more detailed and uber cute!  This isn't the specific instruction set from Simply Sublime, but here's an instructional video that's seems pretty similar and simple!

3. Napkin Pillowcase
Another easily made gift with limited supplies to buy (it would be nice if you bought the pillow to go inside too), a napkin folded pillowcase.  And who doesn't love a good pillow to hug?  If you search hard enough at Anthro or TJMaxx, you can find an inexpensive decorative napkin.  And if you're so inclined (and/or have a sewing machine) you can add your own touch and include a monogram or silhouette of something your mom likes.  My mom likes birds a whole bunch.  So not only am I planning on making her a bird pillow, but I'm also going to use this clip from Portlandia for inspiration.  (Carrie Brownstein, I want your life!  And living in a Portland wouldn't be bad either.)

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