I Am Not A Duck

While this post is not on topic based on what I've written about so far (it's not about crafting or food or even cupcakes for that matter), it is a bit about adventure, which fits into my theme.  Plus, I hadn't posted in a little bit so I thought I'd sit down and compile my thoughts.  (Please forgive me for being distant, I've been in training for a new job this week so things have been a bit hectic.)

Today, I thought I'd write about the fact that being a runner in Chicago can be a major adventure (at least in my experience).  I just started getting back into the habit of running for exercise again this week.  It's a great way to stay in shape, but I tell ya, it's certainly always something.  Something interesting always seems to happen on my runs along the streets of Chicago.

Once last summer, I was only a few blocks into my run and reached a part of my path where you go under a viaduct.  There's a sliver of a sidewalk so you're less than visible to cars (which are coming your way as I was running against traffic, but not in the street I promise).  Anyway, I was entering this blind spot, and I think I recalled thinking, I guess it must have rained overnight.  Well, ironically enough, just as that thought left my head, I got splashed head to toe with dirty mucky rain water due to to a speeding car passing by.  Although I was tempted to turn around an just get in the shower already, I continued my run and horrifyingly enough, even ran into people I know on the way back.  Thank goodness they didn't judge me for being covered in streaks of dirt and sweat. 

Tuesday was my first day back on the wagon since, well I'm not sure when.  Since it wasn't winter and raining everyday.  And, you guessed it, that was another adventure. For yesterday, I was battling tornado speed winds (okay so I exaggerate a little, but seriously, I felt like I was moving in slow motion).  Being that I was busy most of the daytime, I wanted to get a run in before dinner (and right before it was forecast to start poring).  I told myself it was now or never and I kinda wished I had gone with never because being in the wind alone was a workout.  I'm a pretty pint-sized person, so there were definitely times where I had trouble keeping my balance, much less moving at speeds faster than a walk while going against the wind.

And then we have today.  Today was my most humorous running adventure so far.  Because today, no joke, a man threw a piece of bread at me. Like a duck. In a pond.  It's always a bit treacherous running in my neighborhood, especially around dinner/the after work rush, just due to the rather large number of people out and about.  But, still.  Bread, seriously?  I get you may want to "feed the birds" or whatever (not that bread's even good for birds, but that's beside the point), but this guy saw me coming.  We even made eye contact for a split second.  It was the - we're making a nonverbal agreement by acknowledging each other exists and you're not going to throw edible or inedible products at or on me, ok? - type of eye contact.  And he still threw a piece of bread right at me that bounced off my shoulder.  I'm telling you.
Running.In.Chicago = An.Epic.Adventure.

Funny how now as I prepare to make dinner, all I can think about is making a sandwich, or something with bread.  Maybe I should thank that random stranger after all, for assisting with my choice of cuisine tonight.

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