DIY Mom's Day Guide: Foodie Edition

Want to get your mama that special something this coming Mother's Day, but (like me) lack the motivation and/or funds to spur the economy and buy something store-bought?  Have a DIY (Do-It-Yourself for those of you who aren't already familiar)  Mom's Day this year!  Over the next couple of days I will be posting my top suggestions for things you can easily make with pretty easily attainable supplies to prepare for this upcoming Mother's Day on May 8th!

Tonight's post - DIY Foodie Items
Things that will make your mamacita say "nom nom!"

1. Crunchy Granola - The Farm Chicks Style
My mom made the best homemade granola when I was a kid.  It was even better than waiting in front of the oven for chex mix to be done.  The smell was addicting (like sneaking wiffs of permanent marker- shh don't tell) and I couldn't wait for it to be done so I could snatch a piece of coconut when mom wasn't looking.  And granola being so versatile - have it with milk, yogurt, or just as a snack - it seems the perfect gift to make at home and give to your mom this May.  Plus, this recipe from the Farm Chicks will definitely remind you of dear mom.  I tried my hand at some last night with a few minor revisions (I sadly didn't have any coconuts or pecans, so I used dried fruit - blueberries and craisins - and some chopped almonds and pine nuts instead).  Show mom you love her with this comfort foodie staple!

Tastes like home!

2. Make your own Pea-nutella - Smitten Kitchen Style
My parents don't live to far from the city, so when our schedules both allow, they often come visit me in the city.  My mom has her own stash of tea bags and tea cookies in my pantry - just for when she visits.  Her favorite way these tea cookies is with a generous spread of nutella in between two cookies creating a nutella cookie sandwich - voila!  When I came across this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, it reminded me of my mother and I just had to give it a try.

Your mom will be speechless because her mouth will be full.
Full of homemade pea-nutella LOVE.

Stay tuned for more mom-inspired gift ideas!

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