What A Difference A Cheese Sandwich Can Make

This one is gonna be a short one because I have to leave for work in a bit, but I wanted to take a moment to praise the simple goodness of the almighty cheese sandwich.  Today in particular I am singing its praises because I will be enjoying it for lunch (now) and for, well, lunch (later on my break at work).  When I was a little girl, I used to make cheese sandwiches almost daily.  A light smear of mayo, a slice of american or cheddar (I preferred the "orange" cheese varieties in those days) and voila!  The perfect cheese sammie. (Or ballerina sandwich, as I used to call them. Not sure why I used this name, as I'm certain this sandwich would not be typical in a normal ballerina's diet, but let's be honest, I was never your "normal" prima ballerina.)  My love for ballerina sandwiches has always remained, but it was particularly re-ignited when I was reading the series of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo books a while back.  I distinctly remember reading the first book in about a day and being terrified in my old creaky apartment while powering through to get to the end.  I came to a chapter where Listbeth talks about taking a break from researching to make a cheese and pickle sandwich.  Genius!  Thus, my weekly intake of cheese sandwiches was reinstated.  Today, I added some cornichons (gherkins) for some extra pizzaz!  Yum!

So do yourself a favor.  If you're every having a bad day, or just feel like a quick pick me up, make yourself a cheese, err I mean, Ballerina Sandwich, Smashed Muffin Style!  ;)

The Ultimate Ballerina Sandwich

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