1-2-buckle my shoe

Some friendly advice to get pumped for summer from your friend muffers.  (like my new nickname?)

1) If you haven't signed up for the Tasting Table Chicago Newsletter, I recommend that you do so now. I know what your thinking.  Not another newsletter sent to my inbox daily that I'll never read and just end up deleting a month after receiving it because I still haven't looked at it.  I was wary myself, but believe me, this one is worth it!

2) If you haven't tried/don't know what Co-Op Hot Sauce is, you are probably going through life feeling like there's a missing piece out there somewhere that will complete you.  Trust me, Co-Op Hot Sauce is that missing piece.  It's delicious and it promotes a great cause.  A few winter holiday seasons ago, everyone that got a gift from me, got a bottle of Co-Op Hot Sauce.  I ordered a bunch of them and not only did a Co-Op employee personally drive them out to deliver them to my (then) home in the suburbs, but they also gave me an extra case on the house for ordering so many.  Told you, missing piece.

3) The weather is finally starting to turn around a bit.  And you know what that means.  Summer apparel can finally be dusted off from the far corner of my (and your) closet.  My favorite summer accessory, is my TOMS shoes.  I am lucky enough to have a couple pairs, but the leader of the two would probably have to be my pink sparkle TOMS.  The summer styles are out - so start shopping now!  And remember, for every pair you purchase, a pair of shoes gets donated to a child without shoes.  So it's a win-win.  (Speaking of, Win Win was a good movie - go see it, while wearing your new TOMS).  You get a new pair of shoes guilt free because someone else is benefiting from your purchase as well.  Plus, with theses comfy cozy slip ons, you won't need to worry about buckling your shoe!  (Okay, okay, so some of them have laces, but you get my point).

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