Pie in the Sky

The other day, I go this recipe in my inbox from myrecipes.com.  I signed up to receive their daily recipe suggestions a while back and have actually used it fairly often.  (cheesecake, party of one I use on a quite regular basis - like a "you need cheering up today, have an individual cheesecake!" kind of frequency.  Why hello 'Nilla Waffer crust, it's nice to see you again.)  It's not all desserts, those are just what I gravitate to, because of my sweet nature, naturally.

Anyways, they always have crazy bad for you but delicious looking desserts that are surprisingly easy to make all considered.  I am a huge peanut butter fan (not so much on the chocolate, but they do compliment each other quite nicely).  I had an unhealthy attachment to Jif and PeterPan brand as a child.  I used to make up my own Jif commercials in my head and whisper them to myself as I spread a layer of the peanutty spread on white bread for lunch.  And I also thought if I ate enough PeterPan brand I could possibly morph into Wendy and venture off to Neverland (especially with the help of the fairy dust I got at the Disney Store).  Ok, enough about my odd obsession with peanut butter....

The recipe the other day was for Frozen Peanut Butter Pie.  I saw this and my heartbeat began to speed up.  This recipe was made for me - I have to make it.  Tonight.  I made a few substitutions (creamy pb instead of chunky and chocolate chips as a garnish since I didn't have any bark to curl and all my peanuts  got turned into peanutella months ago; and I used chocolate "Teddy Grahams" that I crushed in the food processor (sorry guys, it was painful because they're just so cute) instead of chocolate graham crackers for the crust).  And I also didn't have a "deep dish" pie pan so I ended up splitting it up and using half the filling/crust for the pie and the other half for some tarts and party of one cuppers.  I snuck a bite this morning and let me just say, it's a good thing I'm having company on Sunday for Memorial day because otherwise I would have to somehow justify being on a "peanut butter pie" diet.  What? Peanut Butter is good for you.  Kinda.  Close enough.

All in all, I highly recommend you make this.  Especially if you're even a sliver of the peanut butter fan I am.  (Or a cool whip fan - my grandma used to keep tubs of cool whip frozen in her freezer so it was always on hand to add to desserts or fresh fruit.  And I'd be lying if I said I never witnessed her, or myself, take an extra spoonful to eat.)  It's the perfect "ice cream" pie for summer (hopefully weekend we actually have a semblance of something close to summer weather instead of this miserable rain we've been having).

Go here to view a picture of how it turned out on the Smashed Muffin facebook page.

What are some of your favorite summer desserts?

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