It's Not Official Until It's FB Official

It's so official, you can put it up on facebook folks.  A selection of my handmade cards will be available on consignment.... this is big news people, BIG news.  (Well, at least to me it is.)

As of start of business tomorrow morning, you will be able to purchase my handmade cards at Lenny & Me (1459 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622).  For directions, go here, now!  I'm so excited so excited so excited so excited.  And you should be too.

Go here to buy my stuff!!!

This reminds me of the time I sold my very first cupcake.... I feel a story-time coming on, kids.
It was middle-end of February.  I had made penguin cupcakes for a friends birthday.  We meet up and had pizza at Piece for dinner (loooove their white pizza) and then headed out to Map Room for some spirits (I believe Unibroue's were on special that night - so tasty!).  We had each had our fill of pizza and cupcakes - especially since these also included a donut/hole tucked inside underneath the frosting (to create the shape of the body & head). So you may have guessed it, but yes, this means that I carried my cupcake courier of leftover cuppers all throughout our galavant-ing - even into the Map Room.  When the night came to a close, I got some extra long stares while shivering at the bus stop to return to my (then) apartment on the north side.  These arctic animal treats were going on quite an adventure all in one night.  Anyways, the bus finally arrives and I get on.  At the next stop, a boat load of people pile on.  I'm in one of those seats where you're facing seats going the other direction, so of course, someone sits down next to me perpendicularly. I'd never met this person, or seen this person in my life, but he looked at me like he knew me - or maybe it was more like he wanted me to think he knew me so that his odds of reaping the benefits of the tasty critters in my lap would improve.  (I'm sure some imbibing was involved to enhance these efforts as well, but oh well).  "What arrrre those?!" he exclaimed.  "They're cupcakes." I said. (Duh).  "How much would you take for one?"  "You can just have one..." I offered but he was already obnoxiously digging in his pockets for change.  "How's 50 cents?"  Heck yea I'd take fiddy cent.  After a few stops he left and had already scarfed down the remains of his donut lined penguin. But boy do I thank that random, probably not sober, stranger.  His purchase prompted my very first bakery sale.  And now, with my cards having retail presence, I'm feeling even more grateful.  Watch out world, cuz Smashed Muffin is here to stay!

This guy was my first cupcake sale.

So, the end all message is : visit the ETSY shop, or heck, just stop by Lenny & Me!  ;)

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