Tastes Like Summer

Tonight I made an extremely tasty, no bake, lemony vegan tart treat.

I combined a couple recipes to get there, but overall it was super easy (granted you have a food processor) and very "nom" worthy.

The "crust" is essentially a combination of nuts (I used pine nuts and almonds cuz it's what I had) and pitted dates.  By the way, dates are way weird, right?  They look like giant, brown, wrinkly, wobbly thumbs or something.  Blugh.  However, in a vegan pie crust, they are delish.  Once blended, the nuts and dates make a paste that reminds me a lot of larabars.  If you've never had a larabar, you've never lived.  Ok that was harsh, but seriously, try one, stat.  I recommend cashew cookie.  Which you probably could make from home if you really wanted using cashews, dates and maybe a dash of salt.

LaraBars = YummaBars

Anyways, enough going off tangent.  

The filling is a combination of silken tofu, fresh lemon juice, lemon zest, dates, vanilla and cardamom.  (I didn't have any cardamom handy, so I just used a dash of cinnamon).  Kind of like a lemon curd - especially if you refrigerate it for a bit.  I also added some strawberries on top.  And voila.  You have yourself a citrusy, ready-for-summer-weather-to-finally-get-here-and-sick-of-the-rain treat! 

Tastes Like Summer

So there you go.  If you would like the complete recipe, post a comment at the end of this post or on the Smashed Muffin facebook page about your favorite summer treat(s).

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