I meant to add this at the end of the peanut butter ice cream pie post... but forgot.  Forgive me.  Take it as a video if for any other reason than for "just because".  I like pie?  Do you like pie? You don't? You might want to see a doctor about that.  No really.  Well, suit yourself.

Real quick, I also wanted to share this quick tidbit I saw on LX TV's First Look last night (you know, that show that's on after SNL with the Brazilian Q-T, Pedro Andrade).  I watched it because it was what was on when I got home from work last night but when I saw the plug, I was kinda hooked (and Pedro's not too bad to look at when decompressing after work either, ha).  So, last night their show was all about stuff you can buy online and they filmed it from the ETSY headquarters in NYC.  Fitting don't you think?  (Hello dream job numero uno!)  Anyways, they featured an online store for a business that has pies baked in mason jars, called "All Jarred Up". You can even like them on facebook...!).  Now, I've heard of mailing cupcakes in jars (which I conveniently sell in my ETSY store - ahem, wink wink, plug plug), and I've even heard of cup-pies (pies baked in cupcake form), but this is pure genius!  Check it out!  Great for shipping to friends/family who don't live in-state, or heck even for a surprise for those who live nearby.

Anyways, back to my point - Sunday Video Edition!  I know "I Like Pie" is only a one-liner in this song, and the rest of it has nothing to do with pie, but trust me, it's worth it.  It might even make you smile.  I mean seriously, "Hi, I'm a guy, I like pie." = 'nuf said, you had me at... well, pie.

Hi, I'm a guy, I like pie.

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